Flag Football


WHAT: Co-Ed Pick-Up Flag Football
WHEN: Every Sunday, beginning at 10 am
WHERE: Liberty Station, Point Loma

WHO: Male and Female Flag Football Players, ages 18+
COST: $5 per player

Our pick-up games are open to all players, regardless experience or skill set. No commitment necessary – you can come every week or just show up once in a while as your schedule permits. While the games will be somewhat competitive, this is meant to be a relaxed atmosphere that is fun for everyone!

Things you should bring or wear:
• A white t-shirt
• A non-white t-shirt
• Shorts without pockets (to prevent finger injuries to other players)
• $5
• A friend, neighbor, or co-worker

Things 5th Quarter will provide:
• The field, complete with sidelines and first down markers
• Footballs, flags, and other equipment
• Rules, organization, and team making
• Water, ice, and basic first aid supplies

Things you should NOT bring:
• A grey shirt (too ambiguous)
• Metal cleats
• Your psychotically competitive Uncle Rico who thinks he’s trying out for the NFL

If this is your first 5th Quarter event, please sign our liability waiver on-line before you show up to save yourself time on game day!