WHAT: Co-Ed Pick-Up Basketball (4 on 4 full court)
WHEN: Tuesdays 6-8PM – Wednesdays 7-9PM

WHERE: Ocean Beach Recreation Center

WHO: Male and Female Basketball Players, ages 18+
COST: $5 per player

5th Quarter pick-up basketball is a co-ed event, open to players of all skill levels, ages 18 and over. No commitment necessary – you can come every week or just show up once in a while as your schedule permits. While the games will be somewhat competitive, this is meant to be a relaxed atmosphere that is fun for everyone!

The courts at OB are pretty short, so we play 4-on-4 games. There are two courts there, so plenty of space for everyone to play!

You can check out our highlight here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgQ3wSw2FAQ&list=PLWakKs6AwqxO1YFIMnganiJKhKtnm8mZg)

Basketball is $5 per night.

How can I pay for BASKETBALLL at Ocean Beach Recreation Center?

Step 1 – Create an account on SDReconnect – https://apm.activecommunities.com/sdparkandrec/Create_Account

Step 2 – Reserve your spot online (Credit Card) or pay in person (Credit Card or Cash)


I paid but couldn’t make it – How do I get a refund?

• There are NO refunds

Can I reserve multiple days at a time?

• Yes, you may reserve multiple days at a time

How do Monthly passes work?

• Monthly passes are for the CALENDAR MONTH ONLY.

• Unused days are lost and do not carry over to the next month

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