Every Monday night at Ocean Beach Rec Center from 7-9 pm. Co-ed, 6-on-6 indoor games.  Ages 16 and up are welcome.


On Wednesdays, we host semi-competitive night at Presidio Rec Center in Old Town from 7-9 pm.  Cost to play is only $5.  

Flag Football 

Every Sunday you can find us playing at NTC Park in Liberty Station starting at 10:00am. Price is $5. Co-ed and open to all skill levels! Come out and have a great time.


Every Tuesday starting at 4:50 pm at Ocean Beach Rec Center. Price is $5. Co-ed 4-on-4 games on the indoor courts.  


Every Wednesday night from 7-9 PM at Ocean Beach Rec Center.  Co-ed, 4-on-4 games on the indoor courts.  Price is only $5.



San Diego is the perfect place for people who never want to grow up, and what better place to act like a kid again then in the gym playing dodgeball??

Welcome To 5th Quarter Sports San Diego

Starting with Flag Football in San Diego, 5Q has grown to so much more. 5th Quarter Sports is a co-ed sports and social community dedicated to providing a fun and competitive sports environment.
Our goal is to organize athletic events where our members can have fun both on and off the court (or field). Our events include tournaments, pick-up games including flag football, volleyball, basketball, and dodgeball, game watches, sports leagues, and social events of all kinds.
5th Quarter Sports was founded in San Diego by a group of athletes with a passion for competing with an even greater passion for having fun. 5Q is a great place to meet new friends in San Diego or just to go have a good time playing your favorite sport. Even if you play Flag Football or Basketball, we are one big community with one thing in mind, Having Fun! We welcome players of all ages to come on out to an event and see what it is all about. Tell one of our great Head Coaches that it is your first time and they may even let you play for free.

Of course you have to stick around after the event to join us at one of the neighborhood bars or restaurants in San Diego for a good eat and a good laugh. If you love Flag Football, Volleyball, Basketball, or just meeting new people then 5th Quarter Sports is the place for you. Who knows you may even meet your future Husband or Wife, just ask our Flag Football Head Coaches Derek about that.

We always want to hear your feedback so please reach out to us via email at info@fifthquartersports.com or shoot us a message on Facebook at facebook.com/5thquartersports.com

Connect with Us.

Featured Athlete

5th Quarter Featured Athlete

-Kristina Parvanta -

Kristina, originally from Maine, has been a part of 5th Quarter Sports for over a year now. We first saw her as part of our Sloshball events where she made sure everyone knew of her obsession with Justin Bieber. You can currently find her playing football every Sunday or an occasional basketball game on Wednesdays, not to mention all of our social events.

Kristina earned her Masters degree from Villanova University and currently works at Rady's Children's Hospital where she saves little babies. 

She is a huge Boston sports fan and secretly stalks Tom Brady. She actually must remain 300 yards away from him at all time due to an incident involving Q-tips, Army Supply Gear, Hand Sanitizer, and an electric razor in 2008. You can ask her for the details. 

When asked why she like playing with 5th Quarter, "I love playing because of the competition, friendly banter, and the fact I get to be outside for 3 hours every Sunday. I really like the people and making new friends to compare my obsession with Ellen Degeneres with. So far no one loves her the way I do but I will keep looking. 

We love having Kristina and her awkward laugh/snorts every week. Make sure to join Kristina and all of our other members at any of our weekly events.

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